Our Production Process

Our Production Process

Posted by Kathy Shaw on 23rd Oct 2020

Our candles are all cotton-wicked, 100% pure, highly filtered beeswax, that has been "filter polished" (not bleached) to its natural, creamy white color. The "natural" brownish beeswax color that we offer (and that most other beeswax chandlers offer) is wax that has not been filtered to such high purity and still retains bits of pollen, honey or other residues.


Our Signature Line of pure beeswax Pillars, Columns, Votives, Café Lights and Tea Lights are hand-poured in our loft studio.


The skylights in our 15ft. ceilings and expansive 9ft. windows in our studio provide perfect natural lighting.


After carefully removing the candles from their molds each one is carefully inspected. Our Pillars and Columns are hand-leveled.


Our Signature Line is hand-labeled and hand-packaged.